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Vinyl wrapping your uPVC 
windows, doors and conservatories

Vinyl wrapping windows, doors or conservatories is an innovative, cost effective way of bringing your property right up to date.


Our dedicated vinyl installers specialise in the vinyl wrapping of any standard UPVC windows, doors or conservatories to achieve a modern, contemporary and high end look without the huge expense of replacing the windows.

Our high quality vinyl is designed to withstand extremely harsh UK weather conditions making it absolutely ideal for the exterior of your property. And, with an extremely large range of colours and finishes we can work with you to achieve the look and effect you’re looking for.

Choose from our extensive range of colours

Our Vinyls come in a wide range of colours, including the most popular anthracite grey,  but also reds, greens and blues, through to metallic finishes - literally choose from 1000's of colours, shades and designs.


Many of our clients use our service to simply update the look of their windows, doors or conservatories with a simple colour change rather than going through the process and expense of installing new windows. 


Whatever your motivation for upgrading the look of your windows, doors or conservatories, contact our design team and see how we can make your ideas into relality


Vinyl wrapping vs painting?

Until recent years, you had exactly one option if you wanted to upgrade the look of your upvc windows or doors: repaint it. But that was before the vinyl wrap became a more better and durable option


Here's the reasons why vinyl is a much better option than painting

Preparation: To paint uPVC requires hours of preparation, cleaning, sanding, filling to get a flawless result, plus priming and at times multiple coats. With vinyl, it has a much better tolerance, so less preparation time - this doesn't mean the end result is not as good as paint - infact, the finish result of vinyl is better

Higher Resistant = Painting upvc requires a "key" (sanding), then a primer, before top coat. Sounds alright - but painting upvc has a downfall - it can chip easily. Although manufactures claim that their paint is anti-chip, this is not always the case. Vinyl wrapping never chips, never fades - it has high UV resistance, stands up to high and low temperatures, its weatherproof - and can cover many imperfections. 

Its a fast, mess free system - and it is why it is becoming a much preferred option to painting

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